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“I liked the work as a whole - all the teachings, the experiences, the meetings ... - everything! It is a really rich course. It broadened my vision a lot, gave me more strength to trust me and see that this is what I really want to do. “

We are a family owned and operated business.

Elisa Souza Mello Viscardi

“After so many experiences and learnings, of all philosophy, there is no way not to go through a process of self-analysis and evolution.

Renata Castro de Figueiredo

“I learned a lot from relationships and from the egregore of yoga. I learned to control my impulses more, to love and to know my body more, to thank instead of complaining so much and to strive, to dedicate myself! Believe in my potential! ”

We are a family owned and operated business.

Yohanne Auana Domingues de Resende

"The Yoga Instructor Training Course was of great importance for my personal and professional life! Eternal gratitude!"

Carine Ramos

“Ceres Moura did something unprecedented for me in Pirenópolis: he managed to gather a select group of people who were walking on the same frequency, in search of information. Furthermore, he presented and gave guidance on the use of this ancient philosophy that is Yoga, showing its full potential as a tool to live lives with more purpose, sankalpa! ”

Mayara Bernardo Albuquerque

“PAS, the Social Action Project, gave me a different look at the Yoga class, and several challenges that made me grow a lot. I went back to daily practices and PAS made me see yoga from a new angle, which I loved. My body has changed a lot, as well as much of my lifestyle, I went back to my center changing habits, through Yoga. ”

We are a family owned and operated business.

Andressa Cunha Vieira

I did the Training of Yoga Instructors with Ceres in 2014 and it was really transforming. I had known Ceres for a long time and it was a dream to undertake this training! It was a year of a lot of learning, not only on the path of Yoga, but also a lot of self-knowledge and internal transformations. The content of the course is quite wide with all the information that a Yoga instructor needs to start acting! I left the course feeling completely capable and safe to teach the classes! It was also very beneficial to interact with the people who took the course! Even today I have great friendships made in this group! And something that will last a lifetime is the immense gratitude I have for Ceres, because in addition to my Master, she has become a great friend whom I admire very much.

Patricia Krakta

“The entire course itself was an inward dive. As a call, it helped me get back on my way. ”

We are a family owned and operated business.

Amazon Fernandez

“I think it is very important to know the history, the roots of what is being learned. I intend to go deeper into the subject for ethical reasons. ”

Maria A. Rosenberg Dias

“The course is a revolution in the life of those who propose to do it with discipline and responsibility. It creates a habit of observing life in a more relaxed, conscious, loving and happy way. Naturally I started to make more correct choices, to live in truth, creating healthier habits. I became stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally. ”

We are a family owned and operated business.

Amélia Carolina Baracho Martins

I have been a student at Ceres since 2014, when I took the Professional Training Course for Yoga Instructors offered by the dear teacher. This meeting was a watershed, as I recognized the path to self-knowledge that most contemplated me until today. The course is offered in an integrative way, offering a classic yoga language well adapted to the West and today, as well as enriched with complementary and equally important resources, such as notions of anatomy and somatic exercises. Mantras, Mudrás, Pránáyáma, Ásanas and Meditation take shape and meaning in our Western experience. Not to mention the simple, objective and fun driving of dear Ceres, who brings in his personal experience this incredible art of living connected with himself and with the other. That is why I remain her student: I always learn from her! I am grateful for the course and I wholeheartedly point out this path of self-knowledge and self-realization. Namaskar!

Tatiana Jubé

I thought yoga was that time of day to stretch and breathe. With the Ceres course, I discovered a new world from yoga, a lifestyle, a new relationship between body and mind. It was, without a doubt, the trigger that drove the awakening of a new consciousness. Although the course is not religious in nature, it opened the door for me to be more intimate with the Divine. My eternal gratitude to Master Ceres and collaborators. Namaste!

Aryana Aragon

Taking the Training Course with Ceres was a great joy. I had already been his student in regular yoga classes and I always liked his practices a lot. Today I already work as a teacher and I value even more her ability to plan balanced, balanced classes. The training course was a very valuable experience in terms of content, good energy, and a great incentive to continue improving me every day. Gratitude!

We are a family owned and operated business.

Clarice Veras


Yoga Training Courses Held

Lakshmi Yoga Vidya

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We are a family owned and operated business.

UNB University Extension Course - 1997

I CFIY - 2004
IV CFIY - 2007
VI CFIY - 2009
VIII CFIY - 2013
X CFIY - 2015
15th Class - 2018
II CFIY - 2005
V CFIY - 2008
VII CFIY - 2010
IX CFIY - 2014
Brasília and Alto Paraíso
XI CFIY - 2016
Brasília and Pirenópolis

16th Class - 2019


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